Why buy Natural Cream Deodorant?

   15 Apr 2020

Seven reasons why to use natural deodorant and not to use commercial deodorants and anti perspirants:-

Aluminum which may cause breast cancer, alzheimer's disease, dementia among other nasty things

Parabens which are harmful chemical preservatives added to commercial soaps and beauty products to prevent the growth of microbes. This mix of chemical preservatives are absorbed through your skin, blood, and digestive system and are known to disrupt hormones, even being linked to breast cancer.

Triclosan which has been shown to alter the way hormones work in the body.

Propylene Glycol which can provoke allergic reactions in people with eczema and other skin allergies

Alcohol which takes moisture and natural oils out of our skin. 

Dyes which are linked to certain cancers especially Yellow No. 6, Red No.3, Blue No. 2.

Artificial fragrances and perfumes which can aggravate the skin causing allergies and interfere with the harmonal balance