Handmade slate mirrors for your home and office

Handmade Mirrors - Ideal Gifts for all occasions


Heartworks handmade slate mirrors offer a wide range of mirror styles to chose from. The finished mirror design is influenced by the natural features of the stone so you will not find two mirrors that look exactly the same.  

Heartworks handmade mirrors are suitable for any room in the home, office or, indeed, pub. We can custom make a mirror for that "special" place in the living room or bedroom; an ornate or minimalist handmade mirror for over the mantel piece; a round or oval mirror for the bathroom; a small discreet mirror by the hall door for one last look as you head out! Their stone features make them look fantastic in a pub environment, and they are ideal wedding gift and house warming gifts.

You will find some standard mirror dimensions and a range of mirror styles to choose from but our handmade mirrors can all be custom-made to your specific mirror requirements.