wedding gifts

   22 Jul 2014

So many weddings to go to this summer?  Going to the full affair or just the afters?  Don't know what to get the couple?  It's all one big headache?  


Well, just relax.  It's not the end of the world if you don't have a present for them immediately.  Be calm.  Go to that wedding!  Let the hair done (or up)!  The wedding present can come later.  No need to fuss.  The happy couple ain't going anywhere.  


And don't be giving them money!!  That's no good for the likes of us at Heartworks.  We need you to realise that an especially handmade gift is the perfect present.  Whether you're going to the full affair or simply to the afters after, we have the perfect present.  You can have a custom made mirror commissioned giving us the couple's specifications.  Or, if you look on our website, you will see the many different clocks we have in the different price ranges  http://www.heartworks.ie/clocks.  Check out our tableware for ideas too and picture frames!


Another idea is to give the couple a voucher from us at Heartworks.  Just contact us and we'll arrange it.