Slate Mirror with Shelf

   08 Apr 2024

Our slate mirrors, like all our products, get a lot of individual attention.  It'#s not just a piece of slate with a square cut out and a mirror stuck to the back.  That's not our style!  Each mirror that we create gets time dedicated to it and each feature teased out of it depending on the nature of the slate tile we're using.  Borders differ according to whether the slate is chunky, smooth or otherwise.  Then the size and shape of the mirror have to be considered.  Will it be rectangular, round, oval or gothic?  Will we leave the top in its natural ragged state?  Will we put on a shelf  or tealight holder on this one or will we leave room for an inscription?

Very often what dictates all of above is you!  What do you want your mirror to look like?  We always ask you to take a look on our website, see the type of work we do on the slate pieces and then come back to us to tweak it.  So if you're thinking of purchasing a mirror, be it as a gift to someone special or simply for yourself, please take a look at our slate mirrors and contact  us with you ideas.  No ideas are stupid so don't be shy