Heartworks - Not Just Slate Clocks and Mirrors

   09 Mar 2022

Heartworks - Not Just  Slate Clocks and Mirrors

We've taken to creating beautiful pieces for your home and garden recently, still using our recycled slate but adding a new artistic dimension.  That artistic dimension has always been there in our work but we've brought it to a new level.  Take all Mauricio's Art on Slate, for example.  He is constantly coming up with ideas for pictures on slate etching out with the aid of a hand-held grinder and colouring using high quality oil paints. It might be a woodland scene or St. Brendan's Voyage.  I invite you to look at all his ART ON SLATE so that you can marvel at his work, patience and dedication to the  visual arts.  

Of course, he continues to make clocks and over time they have become more and more elaborate and decorative as well as ornamental.  His mirrors, as always, are made to  order and can be made to your specification