Heartworks don't make time but we do make clocks!!!

   17 Apr 2014

My birthday is a hop, skip and a jump away but I feel like fleeing the other way. Would it that we could turn back the clocks!!  Or make up some extra time, add it in there somewhere?


But time is not ours to make.   Time, like space, is all around us.  In front is what is to come, behind is past and on all sides of us is the present, there to be enjoyed, lived to the full and not to fly by us, escape us as if we had blinkers on. Blinkers would stop us from seeing the present time and make us yearn only for what's ahead.  And if we had our heads turned the other way we would only be harping on the past.  So Full steam ahead with a presence in the present.  Heartworks don't make time (we would is we could), just clocks which is merely a way to measure time.