Designs on Slate Clock

   14 Nov 2022

Mauricio is always coming up with new designs on our recycled slate roof tiles for his clocks, mirrors, or picture frames and even his new art on slate.  Every few months I notice a new design or pattern emerging.  It's incredible to think that on slate there is no end to how you can change it, and make it fresh again.  There's a pattern for every season of every year nearly!!!

This past 6 months I've noticed him introducing the pattern on this detail of a crescent moon clock photo.  His penchant for lines both curved and straight are coming through here and his metalic colours of blues, greens, browns and purple all blended together in a harmonious way that still respects the nobility of the slate.

I've seen him make mirrors with this pattern too which I hope to be able to show soon.  All I have to do now is come up with a title for this pattern as with all his patterns.  By now, you will have seen his celtic border pattern, his totem style, the multi-coloured style (I wasn't very original with my naming of that one) as can be seen in the romanesque pendulum clock, his cascade, the rays of sun pattern on the "Rays of sun between the showers" pendulum clock or simply the classic gold edge as seen here in this  rectangular mirror

Keep them coming Mauricio, all those wonderful designs, flourishes and patterns you come up with to make you slate pieces highly unique and different!