Calendula petals from our garden to our Lavender and Calendula Beeswax Body Butter

   21 Oct 2017

There was an abundance of calendula (marigold) flowers this summer in our garden and they thrived.  They just kept coming out and I kept on picking the petals off and the next day there would be more.  It's like as if they were thanking me for picking the petals off them and were showing their appreciation by producing more.  

When I had those petals picked I dried them, either in the oven or in the glass house and stored them in jars.  After a month or so of constantly harvesting the petals I had two big jars of them.  To these I added sweet almont oil  and left them soaking, at first on a sunny window sill and in the end in my "soap room".  They have been soaking there for the last two/three months.  

This oil will be going into my Lavender and Calendula Beeswax Body Butter which I am about to make just in time for Christmas.  I will be making gift sets of these, along with my soap and shampoo bars and slate soap dishes, and my soon to come out peppermint lip balm and bath bombs.  Needless to say I'll be blogging about these new products as soon as I have them properly ready