Your Slate Mirror, Designed by You, Made by Us

   21 Mar 2024

Looking to have some input into the making of your slate mirror?  Don't know where to start but have some vague ideas?  Feel unsure about you own design?  

Come talk to us!  We'll tease it out of you, put a shape on your creativity - for that mirror that you've always wanted in the bathroom or bedroom, the mirror that will go perfectly in that space on the wall in the living room?

Mirrors, as well as being functional (after all it tells who is the fairest of us all when you look into it!) is also an object of beauty.  It should enhance a room, make it feel perfect.  It should be a focal point in any room or, at least, one of the focal points.

So whatever is in your imagination, doing circles in your head, get it out and start designing your own mirror with the help of our expertise.  After all, we've been making mirrors since 1999 - that is in the last centuary!!!

The mirror shown is one we made a while back as a result of listening to what a customer wanted.  It can be seen in slate oval mirrors on our website