What makes a shampoo bar a shampoo bar?

   24 Aug 2017

I get asked this question all the time; What makes a shampoo bar a shampoo bar?.  And another question I get asked is how to apply a bar of shampoo to your hair.  

To answer the first question (and it is a very good question) is'-

In my shampoo bar, I have lots of castor oil - at least a quarter of the total weight.  This makes the lather of the bar really creamy and nourishing.  It has lubricating and waxing properties, i t promotes hair growth and prevents hair loss and is also moisturising.   Besides this great oil and depending on the type of shampoo (for dry or oily) I also add in jojoba, kukui nut and apriciot kernel oils that you won't find in my soap bars.  Also added are shea butter, sweet almond, coconut and olive, and in some cases a little palm oil (from a sustainable source) but you will find these oils in my soap bars too.

To answer the second question:-

Just take the bar of shampoo and when you have wet your hair rub the end of the bar into the scalp in various places until you've acquired the lovely creamy lather and enough of it to go around all your hair.  I always suggest leaving it for 2/3 minutes in the hair and then rinse out.  You'll notice a squeakiness to your hair at this stage.  Mind the eyes as you are washing the hair as it will hurt.  Dry the hair with a towel, brush it and, if possible, leave in a bun to dry slowly so that all the moisturising  going on as a result of the lovely oils can be completed.  That's it