Two Clocks In One

   13 Sep 2023

Several times we've been asked to make two or three clocks in the one piece so as to show off the time in other countries.  The person involved might have had relatives in USA and/or Japan and wanted to sync the other two clocks with the clock from Ireland.  This clock here in this photo shows two clocks; One shows the time in Vancouver and the other shows the time in Tipperary.  Obviously someone from Tipperary has relatives in Vancouver and wants to keep aware of the time difference.

I didn't deal with this customer so I don't know the ins and outs of their story.   But customers come to us all the time with their own ideas and we really do listen to them and welcome their imput.  It takes us away from the routine and although no two pieces of our work are alike, the ideas behind the piece might be the same.  So when someone comes to us with their notions and fancies, we love it and try to please them.  It takes a few minutes of consultation where expectations are supplied and then advice as to what will and will not work on slate.  

So, while you don't see any product on our website to buy that is two or maybe three clocks in one, this can be done.  And we don't bite so don't be afraid to come up with your very own idea.  You'll be surprised at how we can accommodate your taste and idea