The Tullamore Show

   20 Aug 2015

The 71,000 people that descended upon Tullamore on 9th August didn't leave that evening disappointed.  In fact, I would imagine they left quite satiated and full and content with themselves as they hurried out of Tullamore on their merry way to home, unimpeded, thanks to rather smooth traffic management.  Coming in earlier in the day was also a bit of a dawdle as the police adeptly took control of the traffic flow and hurried every single car to it's rightful position around the show.  


There were cows and bulls to see, prize hens to fascinate over, award winning sheep as clean as whistles,  competitions of every description; the best dressed woman and the dandiest man, the lightest sponge, the bonniest baby, the biggest cabbage, the fluffiest pastry.  You name it.  There was a competition for it.


There were traders there of all descriptions; sugar candy, ice cream, burger vans, chippers, traders selling tractors, ploughing  machines and combine harvesters to mention a few, car dealers, bankers offering loans, bands to beat the band, forever living aloe vera products, miracle lotions for the skin.  


But none matched the "Experience Offaly Village".  That's where we were with our soap and our slate along with countless other craft people.  And not to exclude all the different food stalls;  blueberries from offaly, Linda's lovely cup cakes, Grainne's exquisite jams and chutneys, white and black puddings,  organic cooked food, etc.  All there under the one roof.  The place was hopping all day.  The crowds attracted to the spacious interior of the pavilion and all the niceties to be had and looked at.  


It was a fantastic day and I can't wait for next year's!!!