The Perfect Gift Of Slate

   04 Mar 2024

The perfect gift brought to you by Mauricio, handmade with love, crafted with ingenuity.  He knows how to work the slate so that it doesn't break, he has been working it for nigh on 25 years so he has the knack!  He creates beautiful pieces for the home and garden using recycled slate.  He looks at each piece to see what features he can add to it and at this stage he has many tricks up his sleeve.  

Slate is a very noble medium and lends itself wonderfully to colour and contours.  Mauricio has found this out through his exploration over 25 years of working with slate.  He magically turns an old roof tile, that you wouldn't nearly give twopence for, into a piece of art, to be admired and held in awe of.

To gift someone with one of our pieces is to say that you really care about the recipient of the gift, that you think they are special and deserving of something special.  People always say, when they meet us at shows or come into our showroom at the Gate Lodge, Charleville Esate, Tullamore, Co. Offaly, that our work is something different to give to someone,.  Whether its a wedding gift, a retirement present, a gift for a birthday, a house warming gift, you can hold you head up high when gifting someone with a Heartworks piece.