The Devil's in the Detail?

   25 Mar 2024

Ever heard of that expression - The Devil's in the detail.  Well it certainly is true about the quality and craftsmanship of Mauricio's slate pieces for home and garden.  Here is a detail that you will find on one of his slate clocks or his slate totems for the garden.  It is obvious that he holds dear the details and the perfection of those details.  He keeps coming up with such like details all the time.  I am amazed at how he thinks of them.  Slate is a very noble material but let's face it - it can be a little boring and devoid of colour.  This is where Mauricio's unique talents come in.  Without destroying the integrity of the slate, he enhances its nobleness even further by adding these little details. He honours the slate in doing so, I think


Now I am not calling his work the work of satan for any motive.  I simply want to point out that details for him are important and he won't gloss over them but rather see them all the way to their quite perfect state!!