Something Unique For The Garden

   21 Mar 2023

Don't you think that gifting someone with something for the garden, especially this time of the year, is a good idea?  Most people have everything they need for the house and it is only in the spring that they turn their attention to the garden.  They start to see all the weeding that needs to be done.  The planting of veggies and flowers is super important coming up to early spring.  People start to worry about the outside of their houses now that the weather is improving.

Gifting them a plant is a lovely idea but have you thought about putting words, your own words, on a slate plaque and gifting that?  

I have included some examples of commissioned work we have done for people who decided to give a unique gift suitable for the garden.  And because these plaques are made from recycled slate and the paint used is top quality oil-based paint, they will stand the test of time.  By the way, all our slate is recycled and that means that it has already been outdoors for hundreds of years (possibly).  We give it new life.  We breathe new life into slate that otherwise might be rotting away at the side of the house, or in some landfill. Go to Garden Plaques for more information and then contact us with your own words and features