Storing the soap is the problem

   16 Feb 2015

This year I am getting ready 6  different varieties of soap with the hope of expanding every year,  all done slowly but surely.  The hall wouldn't be able for anymore at the moment.  It's already choc a bloc with layers of soap curing.  The soap has to dry out and cure for 4 to 6 weeks in a place with an even temperature.  When I make a batch of soap I make about  50 and I can make up to 2 a day.  So do the maths!!!  I could have 700 soaps all drying in my hall within a week.  But then they have to be there for a month or so and that means unless I get a bigger premises or throw my son out of his bedroom I can't make any more than that in a month.   


But it is amazing how in such a little house as is ours that we have managed to find the space to hold the 700 soaps at any given time.