Slate Photo Frame - The Perfect Gift

   22 Mar 2024

What a perfect gift to give your mother for any occasion with these sentiments as an inscription.  I remember when my mother died.  I felt I, not only had lost a mother and became an orphan, but also lost a dear friend. 

We used to meet up at her house quite often in the evening and, with another sister, we'd have a auld natter along with a bottle or two of wine.  What I wouldn't do to have those evenings back again. After all these years and it's close on 16 now, I still miss her.  I feel she is coming around the corner at any moment and we'll have a cup of tea together and we'll reminisce on the old days or we'll plan something for a future event

So any of you people out lucky enough to still have your mother and friend around, be good to her, treat her well and never forget that no-one will love you like your mother does.

If you have an appropriate photo are interested in purchasing this frame go to our  single photo frame section and if you want an inscription at the bottom of the same page you'll find a product named "an inscription on your Heartworks Piece" or click  here on handrwritten inscription .  Then all that's left is to contact us with your words (they can be the same as what's written in the photo here)