Slate, old as the hills, made beautiful and shiny like a new pin

   19 Jan 2018

At Heartworks, we get the slate, straight from the roofs of old houses, brought to our place.  We line them up in our garden in wait for the day they'll be chosen for a particular piece.  Mauricio muses over this for hours on end, sorting through the hundreds of old tiles, until he finds the one that will do the perfect job for him and for what he has in mind. And then, as if magically, that piece of slate slowly and surely gets transformed into a beautiful Heartworks clock or mirror or picture frame or candle holder or ..... whatever.  But of course there is no magic involved; only pure dedication to his craft and a perfectionist's stubbornness and sheer stamina to keep going until he's satisfied with the finished article.  That is Heartworks' strength.