Slate Mantle Clocks

   06 Jul 2023

Just a sample of some of our slate mantle clocks.  These mantle clocks are all the same shape, which we call "Swell" because I fancied that they were like the swell of a wave.  Each person has their own interpretation!!  

These slate clocks are made with recycled slate, coming from the roofs of some Irish building.  They might have been up on that roof for centuries until they were taken down and either dumped or sold on to us.  We love to breathe new life into these slate tiles, creating something unique for the house or garden.  These mantles clocks obviously will be for indoors and can sit on a mantle piece, a shelf or a side table.  

Each clock that we make will always be different from the last one.  We take each piece and see its potential and unique contours (as it is roof slates, the tiles come to us in many forms; either thick and chunky or thinner and smoother)  

Talk to us today about your fancy and see our page for more examples of free standing clocks