Slate House Signs In Any Language

   14 Nov 2023

This house sign is in Welsh.  I'm not quite sure what it means.  Looking it up on google I find that Tynewydd is a village in Wales and Coch is scarlet or red.  Our friends asked  us to make this sign.  We didn't question their wording but took them at their word.  So the sign is now up on display outside their little cottage on the outskirts of Tullamore.  If you ever do spot it and come to me I'll give you a little prize!!!

The couple themselves asked for daffodils and  pears to be included, possibly because they have daffodils in the Spring and pears in the Autumn.  That's a question you can put to them when, as you drive around the outskirts of Tullamore (within a 10km radium) you find the sign and call in and ask them.  Don't say I told you to do so though!!  They might get annoyed with me

We can, of course, do similar signs in any language.  And we won't question what it says.  We'll just obediently do it.  Whatever you state goes down on the slate!!!