Slate Clocks Taking Time Out

   27 Apr 2024

What's up with these clocks, lying on their backs as if time had stood still.  Get up you lazy clocks!!  There's no time for dilly dallying.  Look smart and get up on some wall and do your job!

"What is my job" I hear you ask.  Your job is to keep good time and help your owner not to be late for his or her appointment.  But most importantly, you've got to look good.  You've got to be admired by all who see you.  You're a beautiful wall ornament - not just an auld clock.  Stand proud and be that WOW piece.  That's your job!!  So get some pep in your step and start ticking along!!

By the way, you do also look good on your back but don't say I said so!


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