02 Feb 2015

One might not see "tableware" on the main menu of our website anymore but that doesn't mean we're not doing it.  It's just that we felt that by having tableware as one of our  main products meant that we could no longer state that we work entirely with recycled slate.  


To make a slate plate new quarry slate has to be used as old slate from the roofs of houses is full of what we call "blemishes" and really should be called "the individual characteristics of each piece of slate".   And, as in the case of plates, what goes onto the slate to make it a worthy piece must be food safe that rules out all forms of paint etc.  So we prefer to stay way from plates and stick to our promise of using only recycled slate.  


So apart from plates, we have a lot of other pieces, that don't have issue with food safety, to adorn the table and therefore can be called tableware as in this photo.  And if you go to our "candle holders" section you'll see the full range