Pure and Honest. Night Face Cream

   11 Mar 2020

What you get with Heartworks Skincare is a pure and honest product.  Only the finest oils go into our face creams.  The base oils are apricot kernel oil, sweet almond oil, avocado oil and shea butter.  Then, whether looking for a cream for oily skin or dry mature skin, the oils are jojoba, evening primrose and vitamin e (for the oily skin), rosehip and vitatmin e (for the dry/mature skin) and aloe butter and argan oil and vitamin e (for all skin types). 

These creams are very moisturising so anyone with dry skin can actually benefit from all of them.  The oily skin types do better to have jojoba oil in their cream as this mimics the sebum production and tells the body to stop producing anymore.  So, if it sounds weird to use oil on an oily skin remember this fact just mentioned and also that oily skin doesn't mean it doesn't need moisturising.  I have had many people who came back to me saying that the cream for oily skin really worked and that their spots greatly reduced and in some cases went away. 

We use essential oils to give a nice aroma to our face creams.  In the case of the creams for oils skin, one of them carries lemon and lemongrass, the other carries fennel, rosemary, cedarwood and sweet orange essential oils.  For further information go to Night Face Creams