Poems Hand-written On Slate

   08 Nov 2022

That's something we do or rather Mauricio does on his recycled slate - he hand writes your poem onto a beautifully crafted slate plaque.  The end result is something that you will proudly put up on your wall, or stick down into the earth in the garden or give as a gift to a loved one.  

The words come from you or resonate with you.  That is why you wanted them on a piece that will last forever.  It can be your very own words or those borrowed from some poet or other.  Poems or words are a gift for us and when put down beautifully on a slate plaque with an ornate border and a hand-drawn flower then the sentiment is a hundredfold.


Here is an example of some of Mauricio's latest commission.  For more information go to poem handwritten on slate