Patchouli & Palma Rosa Natural Soap

   10 May 2017

I've called this soap Patchouli & Palma Rosa, the perfect pair, because these two frargances blend very well together.  A friend of mine, wanting to pay me a compliment, told me that when she uses this soap every morning, it makes her feel like a Mademoiselle/madam having a shower of rose petals and that it makes her feel extra special.  Well, I take this compliment with gratitude, Ita.  It's nice to know that my soaps have an effect on the mind as well as the body

Palmarosa may not be rose but it has the fragrance of rose/gerenium and has a very hydrating effect on the skin and it along with the patchouli have been known to help in the treatment of eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis.  And did I mention that I also add rose infused olive oil to the oils when making the soap.  Rose helps tighten pores and restores suppleness, lustre and a glowy complexion to the skin.

All this and the fact that it can make you "hallucinate" in the shower, giving you feelings of grandeur and euphoria, make this soap an extra special one.  Please don't expect the rose petals, though, to accompany you in the shower!!