My Messy Son's Messy Table

   29 Apr 2014

If only he knew I was writing about him now, he'd have a canary and to be writing about his sense of or lack of sense of order would take the biscuit


But he doesn't know and he won't find out because none of  you will tell him and he has long since unfriended me on facebook for fear that I might know some of his dark, adolescent secrets.  But I do know and he doesn' t know that I know.  The fact is there isn't much to keep secret.  He's just an ordinary teenager with teenagery things on his mind.  Nothing more, nothing less.  And I don't pry 'cause I know he'll come to me if he needs to.  


There is, however, one area where I have failed when it comes to this almost 15 year and that is Tidiness.


Take  a look at his table where he is supposed to be doing his homework.  One hell of a mess, isn't it!!!