Meet the Maker of Heartworks

   03 Apr 2023

Meet Mauricio, the maker behind Heartworks Slate Homeware.  Yeah, he's the one with the dark hair.  That's his Chilean side coming out.  But he's been here in Ireland for many a year and he started working with recycled slate back in the last century.  1999 to be exact.  He's been at it ever since.  Some days he works from noon to night, other days, he's already in the workshop by 7 o clock in the morning.  He makes exquisite pieces taking all the time in the world to complete them until he's fully satisfied.  What you get from Mauricio is a piece that you can be proud to present to someone as an award, a gift or a thank-you token.  

Take this mirror, for example.  This piece was created fully by Mauricio.  You won't find another one like it.  In fact, all his pieces are unique - no two are the same. 

It looks like Mauricio has me in the palm of his hand but really it's me that wears the pants in this company. ---------->>>>

If your want more information on our mirror especially the mirror in the photo go to our regal mirror