Light Up This Christmas With A Slate Tealight Holder

   06 Nov 2023

Light Up This Christmas With A Slate Tealight Holder

We find that at Christmas is when we sell the majority of ou tealight holders.  It stands to reason that it would be in the middle of winter when the light is waning and daylight hours dwindle to almost nothing.  That's when we need to surround ourselves with artificial lighting and candles.  It's around Christmas that the sparkling, twinkling lights are found in the shops for sale.  And we put them on our Christmas trees, we adorn our windows with them and we even light up our entire houses on the outside.  In short, light is in such short supply we overcompensate and go mad lighting up our lives.

So, back to our tea light holders.  As I've already said, they do better at Christmas for us.  We make all shapes and sizes in ou tealight holders including a heart-shaped one not to mention the regular round and rectangular ones.  Some ornate with celtic border, some with bird images on them, some with our usual gold edge border.

They also make great gifts around Christmas time.  Help someone else light up this Christmas!