It's not all rosey in the Heartworks Studio

   11 Apr 2017

It's not all sunshine and a bed of roses at Heartworks, although there are those too; beds of roses and lots of sunshine, I mean.  There are some unglamorous sides to having a craft business, especially one that involves slate.  Masks have to be worn for some processes, and great big waterproof aprons for others.  Heavy duty gloves need to be put on delicate hands, great big steel toed boots along with extra warm socks on those poor down trodden feet, not to mention the wooly hat to keep the ears warm.  Most of the work is done down the bottom of the garden in a great big auld tent that has seen better days.  And there's an adjoining shed where Mauricio keeps his tools, etc.  All the angle grinding, chiseling, and shaping the slate goes on down there along with the washing and cleaning of the tiles.  It's only after countless processes that the piece of slate can make its way into the warmth of the showroom/workshop, where it undergoes lots more rigorous work and polishing and adorning.  And in the end, what you have is an unrecognisable and beautiful piece,be it a clock, a mirror, a wall decoration or whatever.