Handmade Slate Shop Sign

   13 Oct 2023

Handmade Slate Shop Sign

Mauricio has had a slate sign outside our workshop/shop for years now and he recently took it down to freshen it up or change it.  So I thought that it would be a bigger sign, one that could be seen from the road.  But no, it wasn't to be.  It was exactly the same size as the last one but with a new border and new announcement of our opening hours etc.

So it still can't be seen from the road  (that's Mauricio - discreet to a fault) but it is worth going up to and seeing the attention to detail on it.  It's not every shop sign that is so ornate and with so much detail.   Hopefully one day I'll get him to make a big big shop sign that everyone can see when passing, even those cars passing by which are numerous.

In the photo here, you'll see the slate shop sign and also underneath the garden totem poles that he has taken to making