Handmade Gifts This Christmas

   19 Oct 2023

Be sure and think handmade this Christmas when it comes to your gifts.  There's nothing quite like showing your appreciation and/or love for someone when you give something with meaning, something that has been made, something different, something special.

I'm not just saying that because at Heartworks, that's what we do - we make handmade gifts.  I am saying this also for all the other artisans that are out there.  When you know that something has been made by hand from start to finish, isn't that so much more personal a gift than something that has been made in a factory and there are thousands made at the same time.

Once-Off Pieces

All our crafts are once-off pieces.  No two are the same.  They are unique and cannot be copied.  When you order something on our website, it has to be made from scratch.  This is the case for 90% of the time.  The other 10% means we have it in stock and is ready to go but that doesn't usually happen.

But it's worth the wait.  When you order something we ask for 10 days to make.  After that it is shipped out to you and what you receive is a unique piece of slate, some ornate clock or mirror perhaps.  No one else will have that same piece, that is guaranteed.  In the photos, we've included a tasting from our clock range, our tealight holders and our art on slate range.  You chose and we make.  You won't be sorry