Forever on Slate

   27 Sep 2023

Have it written forever on slate!  Whether you're looking for that special gift of a slate clock with an inscription on the back or the front, a mirror to the happy couple with their names and date of the wedding, a garden plaque with some sweet but short words, or a plaque with a complete poem made up yourself, we are here to help and to make it alongside you.  

Whether someone is getting married or they are leaving their job to retire, or perhaps, they have moved into that special home or they are keen gardeners who want some cool slate labels for their plants we can design the piece for you or work with you to complete the personalised gift that you want.  Please take a look at our work on our website to see the high quality craftsmanship that goes into each and every piece.  We have a section that shows our personalised plaques or you can go to garden features to se what we have for the house and home by way of personalised gifts or you can go to where we show our memorial plaques and graveyard plaques  where you'll find examples of our work on slate plaques for any occasion - not just the sad ones!