Flower Power on Slate

   11 Apr 2023

These two beauties have been nicknamed Patagonia Sunflowers.  You'll have to ask Mauricio why he named them thus but I have my suspicion.  1.  They do look like sunflowers and 2. Mauricio is from Santiago, Chile, which isn't a million miles from the Chilean Patagonia.


He has taken to depicting all kinds of flowers on slate but these are his pride and joy.  Two of these photos are showing the top part.  It is very difficult to get a good view of the whole lot as they are very long.  We have them on our website under Patagonia Sunflower on Slate.  There are three different types to chose from, purple, yellow and yellow on blue background/  All these pieces are made using recycled slate and can be made to put on a patio wall, inside the house or outside stuck down in the ground.  It makes for a very special garden feature

Although this last image is not the Patagonian Sunflower, it will show you how lovely these garden features are in your garden, where you chose to put them