Fishes or Fish?

   06 Apr 2024

In general the term fish is either for one fish but also for two or three fish.  In other words it's both the singular and plural version.  The term fishes is usually used when there are a number of species of fish involved.

I like to call this clock our fishes clock so does that mean that the two fish you see in it are of two different species?  I don't think so.  So whether you call it the fish clock or the fishes clock it's up to you.  I won't mind!

On that note, do you see the two fish (fishes)?  That was totally by accident.  Mauricio, with his penchant for curvy lines was doodling and it came about as soon as he put a dot (where the eye should be).  It emerged all of a sudden and has stayed with us for many years.  People just love this design and it has proven to be one of our most popular products.  If you want to see the product on our website go to rectangular slate clocks