Fetish for Spoons or just plain Fetish?

   13 Mar 2014

No, we are not witches and no, we are not into Fetishism( I don't even know exactly what it means.)   Just because we have some weirds things on the wall of our kitchen such as masks doesn't mean that we are up to some funny business.  We just like weird and wonderful things.


And most of the items on that wall serve a purpose.  The dried herbs and chillies I use in cooking.  The hammer has also got in its handle a screwdriver making it a very useful and used tool even though it looks like a hammer that a barby doll might use.   There is a spatula (my favourite kitchen tool) with its quirky crooked handle.  What can I say about the sieves only that they are used as sieves.  The ladles, made from african gourds, are sometimes used but they also serve as a decoration.  The big oversized spoons are used for the making of jam, preserves and Tofu.  There is even a spurtle there which is a long stick-like thing for stirring the porridge.  


Yes, we do have a fetish for funky and far-out things especially when they also serve a function.   Just not too sure what is the function of the masks other than to make people think that we are witches, which we are not, I hasten to add.  No, no witches in this house