Fetish for Spoons or just plain Fetish?

   02 Dec 2012

One would think from looking at this photo that we are a bunch of witches but I assure you that we are not.  We just like weird  and wonderful things up on our kitchen wall.  We simply don't believe in minimalism and the hiding of everything away especially the things you might use in a kitchen set up, such as, wooden spoons and spatulas, dried herbs and chillies, sieves and  weird african  ladles made from gourds.  Even weirder are the masks in among these items which i will admit have nothing to do with the workings of a kitchen.  


But the two weirdest things up on that wall, in my opinion are 1. the "ornate" hammer in pastel pinks and greens which also serves as a screw driver and 2. the spurtle.  "What the hell is a spurtle",  you might ask and the answer is that it is a wooden rod used to stir porridge.  The other large spoons there are for stirring large saucepans of jam and/or preserves.  Everything has its function, even the masks, which serve to fool people into thinking we are into Fetishism which we are not.  No, there are no witches in this house.