Clocks as Wedding Gifts

   21 May 2020

I feel sorry for people who planned to get married this summer, I really do.  I'm sure, by now, they have had to cancel their plans or go for a very very quiet affair.  Maybe they had planned to go all out and invite over 200 people to their wedding.  Maybe they had some luxurious hotel booked and this was going to be their day.  I can't imagine what they're going through at the moment with all this covid 19 scuppering their plans.

I don't suppose, though, that this means that they shouldn't get that special wedding gift.  Now, more than ever, their family and friends should show some gesture of celebration and give them that special wedding gift.

At Heartworks, we make very special crafts that are modern, crafty and unique.  Take this clock, for example.  It can adorn any wall in any house, be it a modern or an old house.  Slate can be both modern and classy and classic at the same time.

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