Calendula enriched Body Butter

   05 Feb 2018

Now I know, when you think about butter, you think that this is to be smeared all over the body.  But that is not the case.  It's called body butter because there's a good deal of beeswax in it and this makes it harder than a cream or a lotion.  The beeswax serves to protect the skin from outside harmful toxins while helping to lock in the moisture on the inside and it makes the lotion harder than most, the idea being that upon applying to the skin, it will melt and cooperate.  Well that's the idea anyway!!! 

With this body butter, there is no need to lash it on, smear it over all the body.  No, you just need a little.  Rub it in and see how far it goes on the affected area(s) and use more if needed! A little goes a long way!!


I recommend it for the hands, the feet, the elbows and dry areas of the body but I've had people tell me that they even used it on their face as a night cream and that the face feels very soft and healthy the next morning. Incidentally, I will be making a face cream as my next venture so watch this space.  For more information see Body Butters