A tip for your shampoo bar

   10 Jun 2019

At Bloom there recently, a woman, who came to the stall to see Heartworks Skincare, confided in me that she only uses shampoo bars when she goes to the swimming pool.  She felt a need to have me come close, within whispering range, so that she could tell me that she cuts off a sliver of the bar and brings that with her.  Well good for her!! What a brilliant idea.  It's amazing what you learn from your customers.  


So now, the purpose of this blog is to pass that tip on.  Cut off a sliver of the shampoo bar, put it in a wee container and bring that along with you to the swimming pool.  Don't do what I do which is to stick a great big bar of shampoo in a plastic bag and watch it become a mess after 5 or 6 uses where it has been subject to the most outrageous treatment.  It gets really wet, it's stuck back into a plastic bag where the air can't dry it out until the next time it's used where it gets wet again, put back into the same sticky plastic bag where no air can get at it.  Get the picture?  The result is a gooey mess.  No soap, no shampoo bar, can sustain such abuse.  So customer from Bloom, I didn't get your name but I am thankful for your tip.