A currach shaped Clock

   28 Sep 2023

There's no end to the type of clock we can make with our recycled slate and below is yet another example

A few years back, we were asked to make a clock in the likeness of a currach.  This is what Mauricio came up with.  It was approx. 24" long and 5/6" wide.

What is a currach?  Well a currach is a wooden framed boat in the shape of this slate clock currach and in the olden days animal hides were stretched across it while nowadays canvas is used.  It is a traditionall Irish boat

The people who commissioned this piece (and subsequently ordered another two after) were in the currach boat business.  They made a special type of currach which was called the  Belderrig currach.  It was a family-run business handed down from gereration to generation.  Lots of time in the making.  No wonder they wanted a clock made in its likeness