Paddy's Day is upon us

   07 Mar 2014


I don't know if it's just this year or what but I feel a little extra pep in my step, a hint of an oomph in my stride.    The feeling that Spring is in the air and that winter has passed is making me look forward to Paddy's Day like I've never looked forward to it before.


Now it could be that this year the bellydance group I'm in is not taking part in the parade and so we won't freeze our poor half-naked bodies to death.  So I wont have to get up super early on Paddy's day to dress myself in all the finery and frills and shiny jewellery and coin belt and the sequenced bra and the long skirts.   Also I don't even have to go downtown if I don't want  to spectate the parade, running the risk  of getting wet and having to head into the pub at a mad early hour, like a sodden, downtrodden lump of misery, and suck diesel for a few hours and then come home, bleary-and-blood-shot-eyed and trip over myself on the way to the fridge to see what the hell we can have for dinner with only leftovers to chose from and wonder why, when we were passing the chipper, we didn't go in and get us all a bag of soggy salty chips and a burger or maybe a battered sausage.  


Maybe this year will see us getting up nice and late, having a special brekkie, a quick walk with the dog and then heading into the garden and making a start on getting the garden ready for planting this year's veggies or cleaning the glass house for the tomatoe and cucumber plants which, by the way, haven't been potted yet so I'd better get the skids under me.


All in all, I'm looking forward to Paddy's Day but haven't I mentioned that before?  Sorry for repeating myself but it's just that I really am.