Natural Handmade Soaps (12) In A Box


Natural Handmade Soaps (12) In A Box

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Natural Handmade Soaps (12) In A Box

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CHECK OUT THIS GREAT DEAL.  The full range of our handmade and natural soaps are in this box:- lavender and aloe vera, ylang ylang with oatmeal and honey, clove and orange, peppermint with cornmeal, eucalyptus and rosemary with poppy seeds and lemongrass in the soap range using palm oil.  The palm free range consists of:-  lavender & frankincense delight, citronella & pine with peat,  spicy cinnamon &clove with ground spices and patchouli & palma rosa    No artificial colouring or fragrances added; just pure natural ingredients.

You have the option to chose whatever soaps you want from among our range.  Just contact us with your details after you purchase online or if you want one of each just order, don't bother contacting us and we'll automatically send you our 12 different ones.