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Ylang Ylang, Flower of Flowers

30th April 2017

Ylang ylang means flower of flowers in the Philipinnes and that doesn't surprise me at all.   I decided to make yet another ylang ylang soap, this time without palm oil.  I also added in Kilbeggan organic oats and honey (so not suitable for vegans, I'm afraid to say) and also a fistful of calendula petals thrown in at the end (that was to help me differentiate between this soap and it's cousin, from my first soaps, that contains palm oil.  

I just dote on the smell of it, so exotic and feminine.  It has a balancing action of the secretion of sebum, preserves a youthful glow on the skin and has a tonic effect on the scalp, it's a mood enhancer, it's aphrodisiac, calming and relaxing.  It's simply a wonder.  No wonder it's called flower of flowers!


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