Handmade Natural Shampoo Bar



Hi, Thank you so much for my order of shampoo bars. I'd just like to say how brilliant I find them! I'm completely converted to Shampoo bars, as are my husband and children. It's great to know that we've eliminated plastic shampoo bottles from our lives! I've tried other shampoo bars, but find your ones the best! Leaves my hair feeling clean and healthy

Our soaps and shampoo bars come in boxes and are made using the finest ingredients and all natural.  We do not use any artificial colours, fragrances or additives.  Our soap is 100% biodegradable and is non toxic and is not harmful to the environment.  We make our soap and shampoo in small batches.  We use a correct dosage of sodium hydroxide, otherwise know as lye in the making of the soap. It is water soluble is used to cause a reaction called saponification to create soap and is completely safe after it has been combined with the other constituents, such as the oils used, and left to cure for a month or so.  After one month to five weeks  of curing, the soap is devoid of the sodium hydroxide as it has been neutralised out of the soap. leaving a gentle and kind cleaning agent for the skin and hair.

Testimonial from Angela

Hi Monica, well I tried the shampoo bar last night and it was brilliant!! My hair felt so clean and fresh afterwards.....with none of the clawing greasy residue of the bar I got from BLANK. I love it!! Thanks & best wishes, Angela x