Handmade Natural Soaps

Each bars weights approximately 140g


The ingredients used in our soaps are as follows:-


Coconut oil, olive oil , sweet almond oil and shea butter


WITH PALM (from sustainable source)

Palm oil, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, olive oil and shea butter

Want your soaps or shampoo bars without any cellophane?  No problem.  We'll send them without.  Please contact us to let us know or chose the option "zero waste" when selecting.




Our soaps and shampoo bars are made using the finest ingredients and all natural.  We do not use any artificial colours, fragrances or additives.  Our soap is 100% biodegradable and is non toxic and is not harmful to the environment.  We make our soap and shampoo in small batches from our home  We use a correct dosage of sodium hydroxide, otherwise know as lye in the making of the soap. It is water soluble is used to cause a reaction called saponification to create soap and is completely safe after it has been combined with the other constituents, such as the oils used, and left to cure for a month or so.  After one month to five weeks of curing, the soap is devoid of the sodium hydroxide as it has been neutralised out of the soap. leaving a gentle and kind cleaning agent for the skin and hair.  

Essential oils are added for fragrance. See each individual bar for details